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HR training

Training Services SDM

Training Services SDM

HR Training Services We provide professional HR training services that will guide workers to have superior HR quality. Supported by qualified and experienced experts, producing professional HR and ready to work with superior quality.HR training is certainly important before plunging into the

HR training

HR Training Services

 We provide professional HR training services in Jakarta. Providing quality workers who are certainly ready to plunge facing the challenges of the globalization era with the provision of capabilities and knowledge relevant to what will be done. This HR training becomes important for self and team provision before holding an important role in an agency or company.
HR training generally takes place over several months and gradually, so that all knowledge and knowledge can be well received. HR plays an important role because it will be an asset for a business and business.

Office :

Jl.Amil Wahab No.22 Rt 003/009,
Kramat Jati, Jakarta Timur 13150-Indonesia
Telp. +62-21-80874280 


Representative Office    :
Jl. Pala Barat Blok O No.6-Bimantara Estate, Mejasem
Kota Tegal, Jawa Tengah.

Training Center   I          :  
Jl. Cilangkap (Kencana)- Gudang Bank Indonesia No.46, Cilangkap, Tapos Depok 

Training Center II         :  
Jl.Taman Poris Blok A1 No.8B Cipondoh, Tangerang Banten 15148                 

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